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User Guides

Learn about Ubidots features and how to power your IoT project

Plugins: Connect Senet LNS to Ubidots
Create a Custom UI Widget
Create a Live Chat for Your Customers Using HubSpot and Google Tag Manager
Create an Incidents Widget
Dashboard: Data filters
Create a Frequency Chart Widget
Create a Text Widget
Create a Heatmap Table Widget
Create a Ring Gauge Widget
Plugins: Connect Eversensors with Ubidots
User Management: Assigning Dashboards to multiple Organizations
Apps: Cookie Compliance integration with Google Tag Manager
Analytics: Scaling Function
Plugins: Integrate Golioth Output Streams with Ubidots
Create cloud-based SCADA visualizations in Ubidots
Plans & Billing: How to cancel or suspend your Ubidots account
Apps: Define a Password Policy
Application Branding: Create a Custom Invitation Email for Your Application
Application Branding: add background images to your dashboards and widgets
Events: Send custom email alerts using Ubidots webhooks and dynamic templates
Create a Clock Widget
Plugins: Connect Swarm Hive with Ubidots
Plugins: Connect Ambient Weather stations and sensors to Ubidots
Integrate Intercom and Ubidots to have in-app customer support
Integrate your ChirpStack Data with Ubidots
Map Zones
Events: Manage downlink messages with LORIOT and Ubidots
Integrate your LORIOT data with Ubidots using UbiFunctions
Create a Values Table Widget in Ubidots
Plugins: Connect SenseCAP+Helium with Ubidots
Security: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
UbiFunctions: Publish data to your UbiFunction using MQTT
Plugins: Connect Monnit’s ALTA devices with Ubidots
Plugins: Connect Sigfox with Ubidots
Pause or Delete your Ubidots Account
Events: Manage downlink messages to TTS V3 using webhooks
Plugins: Backup your Ubidots data with AWS S3
UbiFunctions: Specs and limits
UbiFunctions: Using Raw functions
Dashboards: create a bar chart widget
How to Connect the Milesight Gateway to Ubidots via MQTT
Plugins: Connect AWS IoT Core to Ubidots using HTTPS
Plugins: Connect The Things Stack to Ubidots
Ubidots testing environment
Events: Set variable action
Plugins: Connect Helium with Ubidots
Plugins: Monitor your TTS LoRaWAN gateways with Ubidots
Events: UbiFunctions Action
Events: Particle functions action
User Management: Activate an Organization to the App
Application Branding: Settings
Events: Scheduled Events
Application Branding: How to white-label emails coming from your Account
Events: Telegram Notifications
Plugins: Connect Zapier with Ubidots
Plugins: Connect Exchange Rates APIs with Ubidots
Plugins: Connect USGS WaterWatch with Ubidots
Plugins: Connect OpenWeather with Ubidots
Devices: Custom Columns and Filters
User Management: Managing Organizations as an End User
User Management: Managing Users as an End User
Security: Managing Token Permissions Using Organizational API Roles
Export Organizations Usage Data
Create a Manual Input widget
Connect Milesight IoT Sensors to Ubidots via TTI
User management: Admin users
Create Rose Chart Widgets
User Management: Magic Links
Create an Image widget
Application Branding: Custom styles for your dashboards and widgets
Analytics: Advanced Synthetic Variables
Connect Particle Mesh devices to Ubidots
Events: Manage downlink messages with TTN and Ubidots
Application Branding: How to white-label emails coming from your application
Duplicate/Replicate dashboards in Ubidots
Line Chart and Double Axis widgets
HTML Canvas Widget: Interacting with account data
Plans & Billing: Paying with PayPal
Plans & Billing: How to Change your Billing Address
Devices Types: Bulk device creation using a CSV file
Create Dashboards and Widgets
Events: Voice Call Notifications
Device Groups
Events: Creating Global Events
Events: Back to Normal Events and Notifications
Creating Devices in Ubidots
Plugins: Connect AWS IoT with Ubidots (Deprecated)
Ubidots App(s)
User Management: Roles
User Management: Users
Events: Slack WebHook Setup
Change and Sort the Device Interface
Device Types
Analytics: UbiFunctions User Guide
User Management: Apps
Adjust the Time Zone of your App
Plans & Billing: How to Add UbiFunctions to my Account
How to Export a Device's Data
Decimal place settings
Automatically provision Devices and Variables with Ubidots API Labels
GDPR: How to Export my data
Delete an Account
Control and Automation with Ubidots
Analytics: Synthetic Variables Basics
Create Map Widgets in Ubidots
How to redeem a coupon code
Dashboards: Add Units of Measure
Widget Settings: Assign Special Text or Last Reading
Security: Add SSL to your application's HTTP URL
Organizations: Hiding End-user Variables
Events: Creating Conditional Events and Alerts
Events: Was my event triggered? How to check the event's Log
Simulate Data with Ubidots
Ubidots Display Language
How to Export a Variable's Data
Using context to display text in Ubidots widgets
How to Change a Variable's Description Icon
Schedule Automated Reports
Ubidots Basics: Applications, Organizations, and Users Explained
Exporting an Organization's Data from Ubidots
Events: Create a Webhook
Organizations Limits: What are they and how to use them
Application Branding: How Do I Change my App Domain?
Application Branding: How to customize your Ubidots user interface
Share your dashboard or widget to the public
Change default device location
Create Control Widgets in Ubidots
Create Table Widgets in Ubidots
Bar Chart and Histograms Setting Customization
Adjust data time range in a Variable
Events: Creating a Geofence Alert
How to Change the Device and Variable Description
Events: Send an alert when your device is inactive
Delete a Device, Variable, and/or a Variable's Data
Create a Time Stamp Widget
Create Metric Widgets in Ubidots
Making your own MQTT library
How to adjust the Device Name and Variable Name
How to create a real-time map?
Ubidots Basics: Devices, Variables, Dashboards, and Alerts
Test MQTT using MQTTLens with Ubidots
Find your TOKEN from your Ubidots account
Insert Custom Fields inside Event's messages
Events: How to change the datetime format inside event messages
Ubidots Basics: Tags
Plugins: Telegram
Integrate Bubble with Ubidots: Creating a sample web app for end users
Integrate Bubble with Ubidots: Set up Ubidots API calls
Create a Runtime Widget
Ubidots Basics: Events
Dashboard: Dynamic Dashboards
Dashboard: Static Dashboards
Ubidots Basics: Widgets
Dashboard: Multi-Device Dashboards
Events: Notify User
HTML Canvas Widget: Using React.js
Plugins: Develop your own Widget
Calculating OEE in Ubidots
Vulcan: Use Ubidots' Design System
Events: Email Notifications
Ubidots Basics: Mobile App
Plugins: Power Diagram
Hosted ChirpStack LoRaWAN® Network Server
Configure a Single Sign-On to your Ubidots App
Plugins: Web Scraper
Plugins: Anomaly Detector
Plugins: IP Camera Stream
Plugins: Connect Senquip devices to Ubidots
Widgets: ECharts configuration
Plugins: Breakdown bar chart
Apps: Add Google Tag Manager (GTM) to your end user App
Apps: Add Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to your end user App
Plugins: Data Profiling
UbiFunctions: Using Global Properties
App Builder: Customize the Navigation Menu
Plugins: Bars pareto chart