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Security: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
Security: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Increase your account security beyond a username and a password

Written by Sergio M
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Two factor authentication (2FA) is a known authentication method to increase security of a web application. A user is prompted during the sign-in process for an additional form of identification, in this case, a temporary code.

Ubidots supports 2FA in the Industrial plan and above.



Table of contents

1. Setup

To turn on two-factor authentication:

Step 1: Sign in to your Ubidots account.
Step 2: Click on your profile image in the top right and choose My Profile.
Step 3: Click on My Account --> Account details.
Step 4: Edit the Two-factor authentication option, by clicking on the pencil on the right side. You’ll see a square barcode (QR code). Save a backup of your two-factor authentication code and the 16-character secret next to the QR code somewhere safe.
Step 5: On your mobile device, open your authentication app and use it to scan the QR code. After you scan the QR code, you’ll see a six-digit authentication code.
Step 6: Enter the six-digit authentication code, then click Save.

2. Result

As a result, when 2FA has been enabled, the next time you log in you will need to enter in a code after using your username and password to log in.

Your Ubidots account is now protected by two-factor authentication. To continue using your account on other devices or to sign in to it on a new device, you’ll need to enter a six-digit authentication code from your authentication app.

3. Deactivation

To deactivate the two-factor authentication on your account, simply follow the next steps.

Step 1: Click on My Account --> Account details.

Step 2: Edit the Two-factor authentication option, by clicking on the pencil on the right side.

Step 3: Read carefully and click on the Delete button if you want to remove the 2FA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you lose access to your authentication app an you’re not able to log in to your Ubidots account on new devices, please contact our customer success team.

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