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Plugins: Connect Senquip devices to Ubidots
Plugins: Connect Senquip devices to Ubidots

Send data from Senquip devices to Ubidots.

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The Senquip Plugin is an integration that allows you to send data from your Senquip sensors to Ubidots with ease. The plugin will carry out all steps needed to set up devices and variables at Ubidots to leverage the integration process.


Table of contents

1. Setup plugin

  1. Log in to your Ubidots account, click on the Devices tab, then Plugins, then click on the + icon to create a new data plugin and search for the Senquip plugin.

  2. The plugin setup wizard will appear, click Next and select/fill the required parameters.

    1. Ubidots Token: Select the Ubidots token you would like to use for this plugin. It is recommended to create a new token dedicated to this plugin only, should you need to increase its rate limit in the future.

  3. Click Next to finish the process. You will see the new plugin listed on the Plugins list.

  4. Click on the newly created plugin and navigate to the Decoder section on the left menu and grab from the HTTPs Endpoint URL field, the URL you will be using to set up the HTTP endpoint in the next step.

2. Setup HTTPS endpoint

  1. Log in to your Senquip account, click on the device that you want to use the plugin and open its Settings page.

  2. Click on the Endpoint button and scroll down until you find the HTTP section.

  3. Click on the Configure HTTPS button, and a modal will pop up. Fill the following fields:

    1. Server Address: The plugin URL from Section 1.4.

    2. CA Certificate: Load Ubidots roots PEM certificate. You can download it from here.

  4. Click on Apply and wait for the changes to be applied to the device. After that, you will be receiving data at Ubidots

3. Advanced usage

After setting up the plugin, it will be triggered automatically by sensor reading events at Senquip Portal.

If for some reason you need to change this behaviour, e.g. send more or fewer data than the default, you can achieve that by editing the decoder code inside the plugin:

  1. From your Ubidots account, click on the Devices tab and then Plugins, this will load your data plugins list. Click on the Senquip plugin you have created to edit its details.

  2. Navigate to the Decoder tab on the left menu and look for the code editor under the Decoding Function section, make the appropriate changes and save them by clicking on the SAVE & MAKE LIVE button. Note: Payload returned from the decoder function must be according to any of the options shown here.

4. Feedback and suggestions

Feel free to post questions or suggestions in our community portal, or drop us a line at

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