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Dashboards: create a bar chart widget
Dashboards: create a bar chart widget

Learn how to create Bar charts in your Ubidots dashboard.

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Bar charts are very useful and popular for data visualization, as they are intended to compare values through a bars' height. Today, we will learn how to create one in Ubidots Dashboards.


1. Create a Bar Chart Widget

1.1. Settings:

  1. Go to the dashboard you want to work on and click on the "+" button located at the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Select the Bar Chart option.

  3. Add the variable(s) to be displayed and configure the following parameters:

    1. Name the bar.

    2. Select the aggregation method: Either display the last value of the variable or compute the maximum, minimum, count, average or sum on the variable's data.

    3. Choose a time span for each variable. The option "set by dashboard" synchronizes the widget with the dashboard's general time span picker.

    4. Choose a color for the bar or define a color logic based on the variable's value.

    5. Decide whether the device's name will be displayed in the bar's tooltip.

1. 2. Appearance:

  1. Name your widget.

  2. You can choose the number of bars you want to highlight with the color of your choice or leave at 0 so that no bar is highlighted. The bars with the highest values are affected by this option.

  3. You can sort bars based on their values in an ascending or descending order.

  4. Choose the format of the dates displayed in the widget.

  5. Choose the number of decimal places to be displayed in the values.

  6. Decide whether or not a Metric System's prefix will be added.

  7. You can define a background color for the widget.

  8. Do any further changes to the widget's appearance using the custom style code editor.

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