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Events: Voice Call Notifications
Events: Voice Call Notifications
Setup and trigger live Voice Call Notifications to those who need to know with Ubidots Events Engine.
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Sometimes Emergencies require a true voice phone call because the SMS or Email simply takes too long to acknowledge. Send Voice Calls notifications with Ubidots in just a few simple steps. 


  1. Create a new Voice Call Event

  2. Configure the Event "If trigger"

  3. Configure the Voice Call  "Action"

  4. Verify Active and Inactive hours

  5. Results

  6. Pricing

1. Create a new Voice Call Event

To begin, create a new event from the "Events" section of the "Data" tab in your Ubidots Navbar. 

2. Configure the Event "If Trigger"

Next, configure the Event logic using the intuitive user interface. For additional details to how you can configure conditional and complex Event triggers, check out the Creating Conditional Events and Alerts User Guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: See below for the expectations for when an Ubidots Event will be triggered. Additional trigger details and situations can be found in the Events User Guide. 

3. Configure the Voice Call  "Action"

With the "If trigger" event logic compiled, it is now time to create the action and in this case a Voice Call notification.

  • Step 1: Select Voice Call

  • Step 2: Select a desired Voice John (male) or Alice (female)

  • Step 3: Choose the Voice Language (English, Catalana, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and MORE)

  • Step 4: Assign the correct country code for dialing

  • Step 5: Assign the correct phone number(s) for dialing

  • Step 6: Assign the correct notification text to be delivered to the receiving phone number(s). 

  • Step 7: Save the Action configuration

  • Step 8: Assign Event Name and Activity window (see below).

4. Verify Active and Inactive hours

Determine and assign the activity period (Days and Hours) that event may/may not be triggered:

5. Results

Now it is your turn to build your very own Voice Call notification to keep those who need to know in the knows, when they need to know.

If you need a little help along the way, no problem, just message our team via email at or by the in-app chat channel in the bottom right of your Admin App Builder, and we'll step up to assist further. 

6. Voice Call Notification Pricing

Voice calling notifications from Ubidots are billing is based on this pricing schedule. 

  • Each call is billed based on the country and the destination prefix of the dialed phone-number

  • Voice call events do not typically last longer than 1 minute.

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