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Plugins: Connect Senet LNS to Ubidots
Plugins: Connect Senet LNS to Ubidots

Receive and decode data on Ubidots from devices connected to Senet LNS.

Written by Sergio M
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Table of contents:

1. Create the Senet plugin

  • Go to your Ubidots account, Devices Plugins section. Then click on the "+" icon in the upper right corner and select Senet:

  • The plugin will ask for an Ubidots token, a name and a description. Fill these fields accordingly and then click the green checkmark at the bottom-right to create the plugin. Once finished, the plugin will be created and displayed on the plugins list.

2. Set the Notification Target on Senet Portal

  • Click on the three dots at the right side of the plugin's status and click the Edit option

  • Go to Decoder, and copy the HTTPs Endpoint URL:

  • Go to your Senet Portal account, click on the hamburguer icon on the desired device and then the gear icon:

  • Click the NOTIFICATION TARGET tab and edit the settings as follows:

    • Status: set the slider to the Enabled position.

    • Forward To: Set it to HTTP.

    • URL: Your plugin's HTTPs endpoint URL.

3. Decode the device data and format it into an Ubidots compatible JSON

  • Back on Ubidots, edit the decoding function shown in the decoder section. At first, it will look something like this:

  • Since the data coming from the Senet LNS is a hexadecimal string, it is required to parse that data into human-readable format. Almost all the time, the device manufacturer provides a decoder to accomplish such task. Go and grab the decoder provided by the manufacturer and paste it in the highlighted section shown above.

  • Given the fact that Ubidots has a defined JSON schema, you'll have to make sure that the data you want to send to your devices on Ubidots are compliant with such JSON format. Therefore, you need to format the JSON returned by the device decoder into an Ubidots compatible one.

  • Finally, return the Ubidots compatible JSON.

  • After completing the above, your device should be sending data to Ubidots.

4. Feedback, suggestions and related articles

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