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Organizations: hiding end-user variables
Organizations: hiding end-user variables

Learn how Ubidots Administrators can hide or reveal variables to end-users within any Organization.

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Are you an Ubidots Administrator and want to hide or reveal certain variables from and Organization's built with Ubidots' User Management features?

Does your application have some data that users should not be able to see? Many integrators prefer hiding device status variables from their end-customers, such as battery or signal strength, and display only business-related variables such as a truck's GPS or an industrial oven's temperature.

If that's your case, no problem — you can easily hide or reveal any variable from an end-user's application by simply toggling the "eye" icon located in each variable's setting area on/off.

Reveal the "eye" icon by hovering your cursor over the variable's settings toolbar.

Toggle the end-user visualization ON:

Toggle the end-user visualization OFF (note the strikethrough for deactivation):

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