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Duplicate/Replicate dashboards in Ubidots
Duplicate/Replicate dashboards in Ubidots

Duplicate static dashboards or replicate from a dynamic dashboard to scale up your application to thousands of devices.

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Creating dashboards can be a laborious task, even more when you need thousands of them to manage your devices separately and using dynamic dashboards is not an option. That's why having the ability to copy a dashboard, but based on a different device as a data source, comes in handy.

1. Duplicate/Replicate a Dashboard

Ideally, the device you select in the duplication process should have the same variable labels as the one in the original dashboard so every widget can work correctly, regardless if the parent dashboard is static or dynamic.

Step 1: Open the dashboards drawer and look for the one you want to duplicate.
Step 2: Click on the dashboard's options button (the three dots) and click on "duplicate". A modal window opens.

Step 3: Look for the device that'll work as the Search and Select the device to duplicate from.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Modal will display the variables on the device which are compatible with at least one widget in the current parent dashboard.

Step 4: Click on the check mark button.
Step 5: A new dashboard will be created with the same name but prefixed by "COPY-"

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