Organizations are Ubidots’ users way of segmenting their license into multiple customers, or any sub-division of entity resources in the account. An Organization can be different customers, different departments of a business, or any other grouping of Users, Dashboards, Devices and events.
In this article, you’ll learn how to activate existing Organizations within your Ubidots powered Application so users assigned to it are granted the access to your Application their Role of permissions allow.


  1. Ubidots active account, trial or licensed.

Table of Content

  1. Create an Organization

  2. Activate an existing Organization in the App

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1. Create an Organization

Organizations is the way laid out by Ubidots to segment your license into different customers within your Application. Each Organization acts as gathering entity that holds together a certain set of Dashboards, Events and Devices to allow Users to access these resources from the Application, under the Role of permissions granted to them.
Following the below steps you’ll create an Organization and activate to the App:

Step 1: Go to the Organizations view
Step 2: Click the “+” button in the top-right corner
Step 3: Enter a Name and a Description (optional), and follow to the App Selection
Step 4: Select an App.
Step 5: Click the green check-mark

As part of the process involves selecting the Application to which this new Organization will belong, it’s automatically activated in the Application and any users assigned to the Organization will have access.

2. Activate an existing Organization in the App

Although Organizations are required to be assigned to an Application when created, you might unassign Organizations from the App for different reasons: prevent Users from logging in, move the Organization to another App (in case the account has 2 or more Apps) or simply finishing the Organization configuration before activating it in the App.
There are 2 ways of assigning an Organization to an App:

1. From the Organizations view: click the App icon on the right options, select the App in the modal, and then save the changes.

2. From the app: Head to the Apps view, Edit an App, select the Organization section and then Add the Organization to the App with the “+” button.

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