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Export Organizations Usage Data
Export Organizations Usage Data

Learn to export monthly organizations usage data from Ubidots UI.

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Deploying and managing an IoT Application means, in most cases, a recurring business model where part of the operational activities involve billing your customers. Some business cases may roll out a billing system running in a monthly or yearly basis, both as pre-paid or in arrears plans.
Regardless, one thing is sure, knowing the usage a customer made is necessary to bill them. Here you will learn how to export your account's organizations usage data.


Table of Content

  1. Export account's organization usage data

1. Export account's organization usage data

Following the below step you will be able to export, in xlsx format, all of your organizations usage data by month.

Step 1: Go to the Organizations view.
Step 2: Select the Organizations from which you'd like to export the data.

Step 3: Click on the "export" icon in the upper right side of the table.

Step 4: Select the month usage to export.

Step 5 : Click "accept".
Step 6: Wait while Ubidots builds the report to download.

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