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How to Export a Device's Data
How to Export a Device's Data

Learn how to export a Device's data in a CSV file

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  1. Open your Ubidots account.

  2. Go to Devices Devices and select the device whose data you wish to export.

  3. Click on the settings button (represented by a cogwheel icon).

  4. Click on "export data".

  5. A window will appear requesting the following information:

    • Time frame to be exported (start and end date).

    • Recipients (emails) to whom you wish to send the CSV file. To send the CSV to multiple emails, simply separate them using a comma.

    • The identifier of the variables you want to export: Label, ID, or name.

    • The timezone that will be applied to the date and hour of the data.

    • The columns of the variables in the device you want to export. It's a multiple selection field, that has all options selected by default. You can choose if you want to export:

      • Date (timestamp of the values).

      • Created at (timestamp when the value was received in the platform).

      • Timestamp (if you want the timestamp of the values in milliseconds).

      • Context (context of the variables, in case they have one).

      • Value.

  6. Click on “OK” to complete the process.

Data exports can take a while depending on the size of your dataset. To track the data export progress, click on the upper right notification icon, where you'll also be able to download your CSV file:

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