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User Management: Magic Links
User Management: Magic Links

Learn to easily invite your end-users to join your application and grant them with temporary or non-expiring access using Magic Links

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Ubidots User Management has just got smoother and easier with Magic Links, a feature to invite end-users to join your application without the need to share credentials and hence, avoiding the task of such invitation. Ubidots does it for you.

Using Magic Links, your application consumers can gain access just by clicking an URL hyperlink or scan a QR code. Included in this feature management functionalities, you can find options to whether or not prompt your users to enter a new password for their accounts, set an expiration and session closing date, and send an Email inviting users to log in.


Table of Contents

1. Create a Magic Link.

1. Create a Magic Link

Following the below steps you will be able to create a Magic Link for a particular user that already exists in you account. If you haven't already created an end-user with certain role permissions, refer here and here to learn how. To start, please head to the Users > Users tab of your account.

Step 1: Click on the "Login as user" icon.

Step 2: Select the "USING MAGIC LINK" option at the top-right corner of the drawer.
Step 3: Choose an App to which the Magic Link is going to redirect to.
Step 4: Create a Magic Link and select it.
Step 5: Click on the editing icon.
Step 6: Choose among the available options and then move to the last step:
​    Download a QR code to share it with users access grant access by reading it.
​    Copy the Magic Link URL with the right-most copy icon.
​    Toggle ON the option to "Ask for a new password at login".
​    Toggle ON the option to "Expire link and session" and select a date.

Step 7 (Optional): Toggle ON the option to send an Email invitation and fill the information:
   – Comma-separated Email addresses to which the Magic Link is going to be sent.
   – Subject of the Email (Bookmarks are available).
   – Body message of the Email (Bookmarks are available).

Step 8: Finish by clicking the green checkmark button at bottom-right of the drawer.

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