Most IoT applications, when scaling up to large deployments, often require (if not always) several collaborators to help enable and support its operation. However, when talking about security, it’s important to track and record the users who make changes, so you have insights to take actions in order to fix any issue, or just to monitor your application.

Once you've gone through this article you'll be able to create admin users for your collaborators, instead of using the main account's credentials to log in.

Table of contents

  1. Requirements

  2. Explaining admin users

  3. Explaining workspace

  4. How to create an admin user

  5. Accessing as an admin user into an existing workspace

1. Requirements

  1. An active Ubidots account with an Industrial license or greater.

2. Explaining admin users

Admin user’s module enables the possibility to give your collaborators their own access profile, so they'll have full access level as the main account except to the Plans & Billing section. Additionally, you, as the owner of the account, will have logs of each user's action.

3. Explaining workspace

A workspace makes reference to the username of the Account owner. You must provide the one of which the admin user belongs when accessing as an Admin user.

4. How to create an admin user

1. First of all, log in your Ubidots Account

2. Open your profile settings and select "Admin users".

3. Click on the upper-right plus '+' button to create an admin user. A panel will slide from the right.

  • Type the username and email of your collaborator.

  • Switch ON/OFF the toggle to send or not an invitation to your collaborator's email.

  • Click on the green checkmark to confirm.

Once the creation process has finished, you'll see the new admin user and the existing ones in a list. You can take actions over an Admin user such as:

  • Editing the username and email.

  • Set a new password.

  • Visualize the Admin user's activity log.

  • Delete an existing Admin user.

5. Accessing as an Admin user

1. To access as an Admin user you must go to the Ubidots sign-in page.

2. Enter your username and password.
3. Click on "Sign in to an existing workspace" in order to enable the workspace text box.
4. Enter the workspace name (Account owner username).
5. Click on "Sign in".

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