Ubidots Professional license and greater allow users to also brand and customize all emails that will be sent from their Applications. Those emails include Alerts, Scheduled Reports and Data Export Notifications.


Table of Contents

  1. Configure from Email Address and Sender Name.

  2. Result.

1. Configure from Email Address and Sender Name

Following the below steps you will be able to set up a custom Email Address and Sender Name from which all email alerts coming out your Application will be sent.

Step 1: Head to "Apps" in the NavBar
Step 2: Select the App to set the email configuration.
Step 3: Go the the Domain tab and then in the "Email settings" section
Step 4: Edit the “From” email and the Email “From” name text fields as you see fit.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already set up an Email Address and Name, you need first to hit "REMOVE VERIFICATION".

Step 5: Click on the "SEND VERIFICATION" button.

– The email address must exist in your email domain because a verification email will me sent there from Postmark

– The email address must belong to a company domain organization. Major email providers such Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook addresses aren't valid.

Step 6: Go to your Email Address account and verify the message sent by Postmark.

Step 6: Head back to the "Email configuration" tab and check the from Email Address and Name has been verified. You should see the "REMOVE VERIFICATION" option.

2. Result

Once you have completed the steps above, all emails coming from your Application, including Event Alerts, Scheduled Reports or Data Export notifications will be customized under your custom email setup.

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