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Application Branding: How to white-label emails coming from your Account
Application Branding: How to white-label emails coming from your Account

Learn to custom brand email notifications coming from your account with your email address and sender name of choice.

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Ubidots' white-labeled applications allow users to brand and customize all emails that are sent from the account. Those emails include Event, Reports and data export notifications.

NOTE: You can also configure white-label emails at the app level. The difference between the app and account options is the emails that they cover:

  • The account white label covers emails of events or reports that are not assigned to an organization (and, therefore, to an app).

  • On the other hand, the app white label covers only emails of events and reports that are assigned to the white-labeled app.

If you wish to configure both the app and account white labels, the email addresses must be different.


1. Configure from Email Address and Sender Name

Follow the steps below to set up a custom email address and sender name from which all email alerts coming from the account will be sent.

Step 1: Head to "my profile" in the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of the screen.
Step 2: Go to the "email" section.

Step 3: Edit the email and the "from" name fields as you see fit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already set up an email address and name, you must first click on "remove".

Step 4: Click on the "verify email" button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The email address must exist in your email domain or just be a valid one because a verification email will me sent from Postmark. The email address must belong to a company's domain — major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook addresses aren't valid.

Step 5: Go to your email and confirm the message sent by Postmark.

Step 6: Head back to the "email" section on "my profile". The "status" should now be "verified".

2. Result

Once you have completed the steps above, all emails coming from your account, including Event alerts, Reports or data export notifications will be customized under your brand and setup.

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