In this article, you will learn how to connect a cookie consent manager to your Ubidots App using Google Tag Manager. In this case, we’ll be using Cookie Script. However, there are several options in the market to address the need for GDPR consent management, such as:


Table of contents

  1. Cookie Script configuration

  2. Google Tag Manager configuration

  3. Results

1. Cookie Script configuration

The Cookie Compliance can be used to identify all cookies being dropped by your Ubidots app and manage site visitor consent choices.

To begin, login into your Cookie Script account and navigate to your account Dashboard.

On the left side of the screen, you will see the menu.

Step 1: Click on Add Website button and enter your Ubidots App URL.

Step 2: Select the language, design, and Cookies

Step 3: Click on Next. This will initiate your scan. Please wait until your Banner code is ready.

Step 4: Click on the Copy global banner code button, as this one will be used on the Google Tag Manager configuration.

2. Google Tag Manager configuration

Step 1: Follow the Cookie Compliance Integration guide.

Step 2: Log into your Ubidots account and go to Apps.

Step 3: Enter the app you want to configure the cookie compliance.

Step 4: Insert your Google Tag Manager ID in your app settings and save.

3. Results

As a result, when the Cookie Compliance is set using Google Tag Manager, the next time an end-user sing into an Ubidots app, it will show a banner in which they can accept the Cookies that it will be used.

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