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How to redeem a coupon code
How to redeem a coupon code

How to redeem a promotional event or sponsorship coupon code

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Innovation is Education and Ubidots dedicates an annual budget not just to maintain and support 60,000 free accounts in our Ubidots STEM platform (as of writing of this article), but also to sponsor technical communities, IoT accelerators, events, meetups, schools and universities around the world. 

We do this by issuing coupon codes to spread the availability and accessibility of the Internet of Things, turning theoretical ideas into practical IoT applications.

You can redeem a coupon code either at signup, or inside your account:

Redeem at sign up

After entering your account details at signup, you'll see a message "Have a coupon code? click here to redeem":

Click on this message to enter your coupon code:

The coupon's credit will automatically be added to your account balance.

Redeem inside your account

Go to your profile, then click on "Plans and Billing" and scroll til the end of the page. You will see an input to enter and redeem your code:

After entering your code, you should see the increase in your account balance:

Have any questions or trouble seeing your updated account balance? Feel free to reach out to

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