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Create a Text Widget
Create a Text Widget
Learn how to create texts widgets to display customized messages on your Ubidots dashboards.
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Use text widgets to display messages on your dashboards to introduce your application, write important notes or even explain the data that is being shown on your widgets.

The text widget helps users to navigate through the dashboards having a better understanding of the data flow.


Table of contents

  1. Text Widget Setup

1. Text Widget Setup

Head to the "Devices" dropdown in the Navigation bar, then "Dashboards", and select the appropriate dashboard to be working on. Next, follow the steps below to create a Text widget:

Step 1: Click on the top-right “+” button in one of your dashboards.
Step 2: Select the text widget option.
Step 3: Write the message you would like to put on view on your dashboard.
Step 4: Choose the font family for your message.
Step 5: Pick a color to display your text.
Step 6: Choose an alignment.
Step 7: Enter a font size.

In the appearance tab of the widget, you can edit extra fields described in the following steps:

Step 8: Assign a name to the widget.
Step 9: Enter a custom style for your widget in case it is needed.

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