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Find your TOKEN from your Ubidots account
Find your TOKEN from your Ubidots account

Every Ubidots user has a private and unique TOKEN. Find it quickly with these simple steps.

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Every request to Ubidots requires a TOKEN. The easiest way to get yours is clicking on “API Credentials” from the user dropdown.

  1. Sign into your Ubidots account.

  2. Go to you user dropdown and click on API credentials:

  • Tokens: Temporary and revocable keys to be used in your API requests.

  • API Key: This is your “Master Key”; a unique and inmutable key that is used only to generate your account’s tokens. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All API calls only accept your TOKEN. Don’t try to use your API Key, it won’t work!

You can also access all of your Ubidots API Keys section of the My Profile settings in your User Dropdown. Select "My Profile" –> "API Credentials" to review the list of API TOKENS relating to your specific Ubidots Account. 

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