Ubidots allows users and administrators to customize logos, colors, and other visual components to support their own branding and likeness, thus overlaying that of Ubidots. 


To begin customization, go to "Apps" and using the "settings" sprocket icon in the upper right of your application of choice, you can find options for: dashboard color selections, logo uploading, favicons, and other customizable visual elements within the application builder. 

Toggle between English/Spanish/French/Portuguese user interfaces

One feature that sets Ubidots apart from other application enablement platforms is its dual language options for end-user interfaces. To reach more end-users and provide a better user experience and comfortability, Ubidots entire application reads in both English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese

Branding and Favicon

In addition to language selections, logos and background images can all be edited to fit a specific brand or user's liking. The App logo, login screen background, favicon (the featured icon that represents your web in the browser), loader wheel, and welcome message can all be made to a user's liking.

Display colors 

Select the colors of your display across the application:

With no coding required, users can design their own web portals and dashboards.

What is the difference between Gray-label and White Label?

Gray-label branding:

Ubidots partner BigClown displays their demos powered by Ubidots with white-label when they want to make a lasting impression.

White-label branding:

Check out this video tutorial for quick branding tips in your Ubidots account: 

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