Ubidots licenses allows you to serve your IoT Application under a custom domain. A customized Ubidots App could look like this:

NOTE: Domain customization is only available in trial accounts or licenses starting at the Professional tier.

To set the custom domain for your app follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to your account at industrial.ubidots.com
Step 2: Head over to the Apps option available in the NavBar
Step 3: Select the app and click the Edit button
Step 4: Click on the Domain section
Step 5: Enter you domain in the “Custom Domain” field

After completing these steps, head to next one below the following GIF.

The final setup needed is on your Domain provider end. Once logged in your Domain provider account:

Step 6: Create a CNAME record pointing to the default app domain with the structure AppName.iot.ubidots.com

NOTE: Most Domain providers offer a description on how to add a CNAME record. Here are some examples:

Once all 6 steps are completed, you’ll see a green checkmark next to the Custom Domain.

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