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Application Branding: How Do I Change my App Domain?
Application Branding: How Do I Change my App Domain?

Host your IoT App under a custom domain

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Ubidots licenses allows you to serve your IoT Application under a custom domain. A customized Ubidots App could look like this:

NOTE: Domain customization is only available in trial accounts or licenses starting at the Professional tier.

To set the custom domain for your app follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to your account at
Step 2: Head over to "apps" in the main navigation bar.
Step 3: Click the pencil button of the app you want to work on to edit it.
Step 4: Click on "domain" at the left-hand menu.
Step 5: Enter your domain in the “custom domain” field.

The final setup needed is on your domain provider's end. Once logged in to your domain provider account:

Step 6: Create a CNAME record pointing to the default app domain with the structure

NOTE: Most Domain providers offer a description on how to add a CNAME record. Here are some examples:

Once all 6 steps are completed, you’ll see a green checkmark next to the Custom Domain.

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