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Apps: Add Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to your end user App
Apps: Add Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to your end user App

Learn how to easily integrate your Ubidots end user app with Google Analytics 4 to monitor user activity.

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Google Analytics 4 is a free and powerful analytics service that lets you measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. By integrating GA4 to your Ubidots apps, you can easily monitor user activity in your operation.


1. Create a Google Analytics 4 Account and Property

Log in to your Google account. If you already have a Google account used to access other Google products relevant to your Ubidots app and/or business, use that one for this process.

  1. Visit “” and click on “start measuring”.

  2. Name the account and choose your data sharing settings. Click on next.

  3. Name the property and select the time zone and currency for your reports.

  4. Answer questions about your business (industry category and size).

  5. Next, you'll be asked to choose your business objectives. The reports generated will align with the business objectives chosen here.

  6. Agree to the terms of service.

  7. Set up your data stream by choosing “web” and filling in your Ubidots app’s URL.

  8. Click on “create stream” and copy the container ID and save it for later use.

2. Ubidots App Configuration

Log in to your Ubidots account and go to the “apps” section to choose the application you want to integrate GA4 with.

  1. Click on the pencil button of the app.

  2. Under the “app info” section, locate the “Google Analytics tracking ID” field and paste GA4’s measurement ID (the one you copied in the previous section of this guide) there.

That’s it, you can now use this integration to monitor user actions in your app.

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