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Events: Back to Normal Events and Notifications
Events: Back to Normal Events and Notifications
Create and program "Back to Normal" events and notifications.
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After creating an Event or Alert, it is inevitable that the event will be triggered at some point; one great feature of Ubidots Events Engine is the "Back to Normal" verification notification.

Event Trigger and Back To Normal Trigger Expectations:

To activate a Back to Normal notification, simply follow the below three steps.

After creating a Conditional Event, add the "BACK TO NORMAL" Notification

Step 1: Select "BACK TO NORMAL" tab from the event's actions tab.
Step 2:
Select the "Trigger this action" box to verify the desire to receive a "back to normal" notification.
Step 3: Add the Custom Notification Text as you see fit.
Step 4: Be sure to save your results.

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