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Events: Back to Normal Events and Notifications
Events: Back to Normal Events and Notifications

Create and program "back to normal" events and notifications.

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The "back to normal" feature in Ubidots is a helpful tool that notifies you when an event returns to its normal state. This can be especially useful in monitoring and troubleshooting situations where you not only need to know when a problem occurs, but also when it has been resolved.

Event Trigger and Back To Normal Trigger Expectations:

1. Creating a back to normal notification

To activate a “back to normal” notification, simply follow the four steps below.

  1. After creating a conditional, global, or scheduled event, go to the "back to normal" tab during the action configuration stage.

  2. Enable the “back to normal action” toggle.

  3. Fill in the subject and message/payload fields as you see fit.

  4. Be sure to save your results and continue with the process to create the event.

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