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Create a Live Chat for Your Customers Using HubSpot and Google Tag Manager
Create a Live Chat for Your Customers Using HubSpot and Google Tag Manager

Learn how to integrate a HubSpot support chat to your Ubidots App using Google Tag Manager.

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HubSpot, a powerful platform that houses all the marketing tools imaginable, can be integrated into Ubidots to boost the capabilities of your IoT app. This can result in, for instance, a much direct and powerful impact on your customers or final users in the way of support.

That's not a minor thing when you consider that dealing with customers is a craft in and of itself, and as such, requires appropriate tools before anything is even done. And that's precisely one of the most outstanding things that can be achieved with this HubSpot integration, the fact that you can have your very own customer support channel within your Ubidots app, thus increasing your outreach and the quality of your service.


1. HubSpot Configuration

Log in to your HubSpot account and follow the next steps.

Step 1: Go to the Conversations tab and select the option Chatflows.
Step 2: Click on the Create a chatflow button on the top-right and choose “Website”.
Step 3: Pick the chatflow that you’d like to start with, here we are going with “Live chat”.
Step 4: Select an inbox and the language for your support chat.
Step 5: Click the “Create” button to save your configurations.

Step 6: Go to the Target tab and configure your Website URL (from your Ubidots App). In the section “show chat” configure the rule as:

WHEN Website URL contains <insert your Ubidots App URL>

Click the button “save” and continue to the next step.

Step 7: Select the Display tab and configure:

  • Chat avatar

  • Chat display behavior

if needed, you can configure extra fields on the Options tab such as:

  • Language

  • Data privacy & consent

  • Collect feedback from chat visitors

Step 8: Go to Settings and from the section “Account Setup” select “Tracking Code”. Copy the embed code and save it for the Google Tag Manager configuration.


2. Google Tag Manager Configuration

Log in to your Google Tag Manager and follow the next steps.

Step 1: Create a new Account and configure its name and country. For the Container Setup pick a name and select “web” for the target platform option. Click the button “save” and accept the terms of service agreement.

Step 2: Go to “Tags” in the left panel and follow the HubSpot tracking code installation guide.
Step 3: Copy the Container ID and save it for later.


3. Ubidots App Configuration

Log in to your Ubidots account and go to the tab Apps to choose the application to integrate your HubSpot support chat with. Then go to your app settings and insert the Container ID from the previous step into the Google Tag Manager ID box.


As a result, the next time an end-user logs in to your Ubidots App, it will show the support live chat that was previously configured:


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