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Application Branding: Create a Custom Invitation Email for Your Application
Application Branding: Create a Custom Invitation Email for Your Application

Learn how to create a custom invitation email and use it as default when adding new users to your application.

Written by Sergio M
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The process of adding a new user to your application concludes with the optional step of sending them an email invitation to hop on board. This invitation comes with a default text for the subject and the message, both of which can be edited so that they’re just the way you need them to be.

However, since editing these texts one by one can become tiresome and redundant if you must add many users, we give you the option of creating your own invitational text template that is tailored to your needs and loads as the default every time you add someone to your application.


In this brief guide you’ll learn how to create a custom email invitation template for your application.


1. Creating a custom email invitation template

Head to the “Apps” section on the navigation bar and, once there, select the application you want to create the email invitation template for by clicking anywhere on the app banner or in the ‘edit’ button.


Now go to the “Domain” page on the sidebar and scroll down until you find the “Email Invitation Template” section.

  1. Edit the subject line (the text people see in their inbox when they receive your email).

  2. Edit the message as you see fit.

  3. Click on the ‘save’ button once you finish editing the texts.

Tip: Use the “tag button” (shown in the image below) to insert variables such as username, app URL, app name, or magic links into your text.


2. Using the custom email invitation template

Now that your template is ready, you can head to the “Users” module, under the navigation bar’s “Users” option, and follow the process for creating a new user there.

On the last step you’ll see the template you just created. After defining whether the user must change the password at login or not, and whether the invitation expires after 10 days or not, the user will receive your invitational email upon clicking on the check button.

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