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Organizations Limits: What are they and how to use them
Organizations Limits: What are they and how to use them

Learn to manage limits in Ubidots — a powerful feature for IoT application providers and resellers.

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Ubidots users and resellers have the flexibility to manage their organization's usage with limits, a powerful feature that enables administrators to set a maximum quota on Ubidots features.

Note: The limits for emails, SMS, and voice calls define their monthly usage, whereas for devices and users limits define their total usage.

Example: A limit of 100 emails and 10 devices will prevent sending more emails or creating more devices. However, while the limit for emails will reset the next month, creating more than 10 devices will require to change the limit again since it doesn't reset every month.

1. How to set up limits

From your Ubidots account go to Organizations Select an organization Limits (found in the left panel).

Next, click on the input field of the resource you want to limit and define its maximum usage number.

Reaching one of the defined limits will prompt an error message such as the following:

Note: Limits are applied to the whole organization, which means that the activity of every user in that organization (including the owner and admin users) has an impact on the available quota.

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