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Test MQTT using MQTTLens with Ubidots
Test MQTT using MQTTLens with Ubidots

Get familiar with the concept of MQTT using Ubidots

Written by Sergio M
Updated over a week ago

What is MQTT?

MQTT is specially useful to push data to your devices. Imagine a cloud-controlled device to open/close a door remotely. In the case of HTTP, the device would have to continously make GET requests to the Ubidots server to see if there’s a change in a variable, say “Door Control Variable”, and then take an action depending on the last reading. This takes a lot of requests and it’s not entirely a real-time interaction since it depends of the polling frequency. With MQTT, the device can “listen” to the cloud and only get notified when there’s a change in the variable. This way, the connection between the device and the cloud is left open but data only travels when necessary, saving battery, network bandwith and improving the real-time experience.

Now you know the amazing things that you can do, take a look of the following video to become familiar with MQTT.

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