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Device Groups

Use Device Groups to execute operations across 100s of devices in Ubidots Apps.

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Device Groups couple devices to perform operations including, for example, adding/moving devices to an Organization or create a global event across an entire device network.

Device groups will allow the below operations, facilitating device management and saving time while attempting to perform changes to 100s of devices:

  • Add devices to an Organization

  • Move a Device Group's devices from one Organization to another

  • Create Global events associating to a Device Group.

Following this guide, you will be able to create a Device Group, edit the Group, and assign the Group to an Organization.


Table of Contents

  1. Create a new Device Group

  2. Editing and Managing a Device Group

  3. Assign a Device Group to an Organization

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Device can only be assigned to 1 Organization; therefore Device Groups can also only be linked to one organization.
For example, if a Device Group is assigned to Org A and then 2 weeks later you wish to assign all the devices to Org B, you can do so in bulk. If you wish to move one device, that single device can be moved from the Device view, and when moved, that device will be removed from the Device Group of Org A and assigned as a single device to Org B. 

1. Create a new Device Group

Following the below steps you will be able to create a new Device Group and add Devices to that Group:

Step 1: From the "Devices" navbar, select "Groups"
Step 2: Click the "Add Group" icon in the upper-right corner.
Step 3: Assign a Name/Title of the new Device Group.
Step 4: Search for, select, and add devices to the new Group.
Step 5: Save the Device Group (green checkmark). 

2. Editing and Managing a Device Group

Entering a particular Device Group shows the list of devices associated to that Group. Various options are available within the Device Group list view:

  • Change Device Group name/title

  • Assign new devices to the Group

  • Delete existing device(s)

3. Add Device Group to an Organization

Associating a Device Group to an organization only requires clicking the organization icon located at the right-side of the Device Groups view. 

Step 1: Select the "Organization tree" icon of a Device Group
Step 2: Search for and select the desired Organization.
Step 3: Click the "green checkmark" to save the changes.
Step 4: Verify the change is correct

Upon verification, all devices available in the Device Group will automatically be assigned to the chosen organization.

Note: Changing a Device Group Organization only requires to follow the same previous 4 steps and selecting the new Org desired.

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