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Ubidots Basics: Mobile App
Ubidots Basics: Mobile App
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Being on top of your operation has never been easier thanks to Ubidots and all of its powerful tools. One of such tools is our mobile app, which allows you to get Ubidots in the palm of your hand and be connected from anywhere, at any time.

Learn about the app and how to download it in this article.


NOTE: The mobile app is currently only supported for Account Owners. End-users are supported exclusively under a custom white-labeled version, which is quoted on demand. Once a white-label mobile app is implemented, it inherits the base license capacity, organizational structure, and end-user logic, including permissions and login credentials.

1. Download the app

  • If you're an Android user, click on the image below or follow these steps in the Play Store:

  1. Type “ubidots” in the search bar.

  2. Click on "install".

  • If you're an iOS user, click on the image below or follow these steps in the App Store:

  1. Type “ubidots” in the search bar.

  2. Click on "get".

2. App’s features and details

On the app, you can easily:

  • 📶 Explore your devices, segmented by online/offline.

  • 🔟 Quickly see the last values of each device's variables.

  • 📈 Navigate the historical data of each variable.

  • [PLANNED] Dashboards: Future plans include adding a feature to view web dashboards.

  • [PLANNED] Events notifications: Future plans include receiving Ubidots' Event triggers as phone notifications.

2.1. Tabs and options

The app has 3 main tabs:

  • Home: Displays all your pinned variables.

To pin a variable, go to "devices," tap the device containing the desired variable, find the highlighted icon, and tap it. If you go to the home tab now, you’ll see the pinned variable there.

To unpin a variable, follow the same logic and tap the icon highlighted in the next image:

  • Devices: You will find all your devices in this tab. Tap any device to view its variables, and tap any variable to see its detailed data.

  • Settings: Contains various information like your username and the app version. You can access resources such as the Community forum, Help Center, and Dev Center. Support’s chat is also available here.

3. White-labeled version of the app

As with the browser version of Ubidots, the mobile app can be white-labeled so that it has your company’s look and feel.

To get the white-labeled version of the app, contact us at for pricing details and information.

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