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Create an Image widget
Create an Image widget

Embed images in your Ubidots dashboard

Written by Sergio M
Updated over a week ago

Use image widgets to show the actual environment around your connected-objects, explain a concept, or simply inspire your customers with the power of a picture.

The image widget support both image uploads, or image URLs containing a publicly stored file. 


Table of Contents

  1. Create an Image widget

1. Create an Image widget

The Image widget needs to be fed with an image URL or an  upload image from your local computer:

Step 1: Click on the top-right "+" button
Step 2: Select the Image widget option
Step 3: Upload the image or add the image URL

IMPORTANT NOTE: Supported image formats are GIF, PNG, JPEG/JPG and BMP

In the appearance tab of the widget:

Step 4: Make sure all available fields are correct:
Name your Image widget
– Choose an alignment
– Set the image width

– Enable the option Scale proportionally to scale your image automatically.
– Change the background color
– If needed, enter a Custom Style for your widget

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