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Events: Send an alert when your device is inactive
Events: Send an alert when your device is inactive
Learn to trigger an event whenever your devices are inactive
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Knowing when a device is sending data or inactive can be valuable to malfunction possibilities in your IoT infrastructure, connection errors, or low battery. With Ubidots, you can create an alert when a device or data source is inactive alerting your immediately to a possible impending outage.


  1. Active Ubidots account

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  1. Creating an inactive Device Alert

1. Creating an Inactive Device Alert

Go to Data tab and select Events option.

Click on the โ€˜+โ€™ icon to create a new event

Then, choose a device's variable:

To create this alert based on inactivity, tell Ubidots which variable you want to trigger when inactive and for how long should a device be inactive before it is a possible malfunction.ย 

Go the Then actions tab to select the type of alert you want (SMS, Email, Telegram, Slack, and/or WebHook)

Configure the Event notice:

Pro Tip: you can insert the name of the device and variable to identify the equipment that presented a disconnection and take the proper action. For a more detailed explanation about how alerts work, and the options available to display in the message, please refer to the following guide Events: Creating Conditional Events and Alerts

Finally, set the name and the activity window when the events should/shouldn't be executed and save.

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