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Events: Slack WebHook Setup
Events: Slack WebHook Setup
Send Ubidots events and notifications directly to your co-workers with Slack Events WebHooks.
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Sending notifications and updates via Slack will keep you and your co-workers informed on-time. To configure Slack events from your Ubidots Apps does require a small integration using the Incoming WebHooks App which is powered by Slack. The Incoming WebHooks App is a simple way to post messages from Ubidots into Slack.

Follow the simple steps below to configure Slack events in order to keep your team informed.


  1. A Slack Account, with Incoming WebHooks option enabled. See Sending messages using Incoming WebHooks.


  1. Setting up an Incoming WebHook in Slack

  2. Ubidots Slack Event configuration

1. Setup an Incoming WebHook in Slack

Follow these steps to locate the correct incoming WebHook URL so that your Ubidots Slack Event can be delivered reliably to the correct Slack channel.

1. Access the Apps section of your Slack account and add the App "Incoming WebHooks" from the Slack App Directory. The URL to access a team's Slack channel APPS is:

2. Next, click on "Add to Slack"

3. Select the channel or person that will be notified, or create a new channel.

4. Click onAdd Incoming WebHooks integration

5. Copy the WebHook URL, as later will be used in your Ubidots Event Setup.

2. Ubidots Slack Event Configuration

1. After setting up an Incoming Webhook in your Slack app, go to your Ubidots account, create an new event, and then select "Slack" in the Event's action:

2. Fill all the following fields:

  • From: The bot name:

  • Type of bot icon:

  • Emoji:

  • Image URL:

  • To: #team or an @individual team member that will receive the alert message.

  • WebHook URL: Paste the WebHook URL that we copied before from Slack.

Message: Adjust the text of the Event or Notification you are sending and then press the green "✓" to save the Event.

Finally, wait for the next time that your data passes through the threshold and the notification to appear in your Slack Channel.

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