Sending notifications and updates via Slack will keep you and your coworkers informed and on-time. To configure Slack events from your Ubidots Apps does require a small integration using the Incoming Webhook App which is powered by Slack. The Incoming Webhooks App is a simple way to post messages from Ubidots into Slack. The webhooks make use of normal HTTP requests with a JSON payload. 

Follow the simple steps below to configure your Slack events with Ubidots and keep your office up-to-date and on-time.


  1. An Ubidots Account
  2. A Slack Account, with the Incoming Webhooks option enabled. See Sending messages using Incoming Webhooks.


  1. Video Tutorial
  2. Setting up an Incoming Webhook in Slack
  3. Slack Event configuration
  4. Slack notification recipients (Channel or Users)

1. Video Tutorial

2. Setup an Incoming Webhook in Slack

Follow these steps to locate the correct incoming WebHook URL so that your Ubidots Slack Event can be delivered reliably to the correct Slack channel.

1. Access the Apps section of your Slack account and add the App "Incoming WebHooks" from the Slack App Directory

The URL to access a team's Slack channel APPS is as follows:

2. Next, create or "Add Configuration"

3. Create the Post to Channel URL by selecting which Slack Channel you would like to reach, or create a new channel.
4. Then, "Add the Incoming Wehbooks Integration"

5. Next, copy and paste the Webhook URL from Slack into the Ubidots Event Setup in your Ubidots Account.

Slack WebHook URL:

Ubidots Event Setup:

3. Slack Event Configuration

After setting up an Incoming Webhook in your Slack app, go to your Ubidots account, create an event, and then select "Slack" in the Event's action:

Here are all the required fields:

The Slack notification will be delivered using the bot name and icon specified:

Slack notification using an Emoji as bot icon:

Slack notification using an Image as bot icon:

Reference image URL:

4. To (Channel or Users)

With Ubidots Slack Events your Apps can notify a Slack #team or an @individual team member. To send events to team channels or an individual, use the below structure, including the symbols.

  • Slack Event to a #Team Channel:
  • Slack Event to a @Individual Team Member: 

6. Next, adjust the text or message of the Event or Notification you are sending and then press the green "✓" to save the Event. 

7. Await for the next time that your data passes through the threshold and the notification to appear in your Slack Channel. 

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