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Plugins: Connect Swarm Hive with Ubidots
Plugins: Connect Swarm Hive with Ubidots

Receive and decode data from devices connected to Swarm Hive network

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Ubidots and Swarm Hive have partnered to create a pre-built integration that creates a private Endpoint URL optimized to receive Swarm Hive's JSON payload.


Table of Contents

1. Creating a Swarm Hive Plugin

Step 1: In your Ubidots account, click on the "Plugins" option under the "Devices" navbar menu, then click on the "+" icon in the upper right corner and select Swarm Hive:

Step 2: Configure your Plugin according to these input settings:


  • Ubidots device type: An Ubidots device type will be created and linked to this plugin. This allows you to make batch changes to all of the devices that receive data through this plugin.

  • Ubidots TOKEN: Select the Ubidots token you'd like to use for this plugin.


Step 3: Finish the process and a new plugin will appear in the Plugins list:


Step 4: After creating the plugin, click on the Edit button, then go to Decoder, and copy the HTTPs Endpoint URL. The structure of the URL is the following<PLUGIN-ID>

Also, keep at hand your Ubidots TOKEN, it will be needed in the following steps.

Step 5: Go to your Swarm account, click on Delivery then on New Delivery Method
Step 6: Pick a name for your WebHook, and fill these fields:

  • Acknowledge messages on successful delivery: checked

  • All devices: checked

  • URL: Enter your Plugin HTTPs Endpoint URL.

  • In the headers section, enter the below 2.

  • Content-type: application/json

  • X-Auth-Token: {Ubidots-account-token}

At the end, your Swarm webhook configuration should look something like this:


Step 7: Go back to Ubidots, edit the Decoding Function shown in the Decoder section of the plugin to match your customized payload.


2. Editing a Swarm Hive Plugin

To edit the Plugin, simply click on the Edit button in the Plugins list view:


The same Input fields that appeared during the creation process will appear. Please note that, every time the Plugin is updated, a provisioning script will run, overriding the current attributes of the target device:


3. Feedback and suggestions

Feel free to post questions or suggestions in our community portal, or drop us a line at
Learn more about other plugins:

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