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Ubidots Display Language
Ubidots Display Language

Toggle between English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese translations to develop and understand Ubidots the way you wish.

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Did you know Ubidots is available in 4 languages? Yep, that is right, now you can deploy your solutions in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish. 

Available to both Educational and Ubidots users, you need only toggle between these four options to display your dashboard and visualize your data and the display the way most comfortable to you and your clients.

To change your viewing Language, simply select the My Profile option form the Username drop down in the upper right hand corner of your application.

Then, simply find and select the appropriate language for your viewing and off you go.

Ubidots does not have the translation you're looking for? Reach out to our team and let us know which language is in need and we will work with you to deploy additional translations as needed. 

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