Every IoT Solution is an Application.  Every Application is an App in Ubidots. Every App can have different users, dashboards, and branding to give your business or product the competitive advantage it needs to deploy an IoT innovative.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Ubidots App Development and Hierarchy
  2. App Components and Feature
  3. Who can Access an App?
  4. White-label Branding an App
  5. When might I need a second App? 

1. Ubidots App Development and Hierarchy

Every Ubidots Account has a single Admin who is responsible for the creation, distribution, and access to an Ubidots powered App. Below is a simple diagram showing the 4 stages of IoT App Development and Deploy using Ubidots. You will note that Ubidots entire platfrom is available to Admins to provide problem solving solutions to users the way in the most efficient means possible.  

Ubidots Hierarchy

All Ubidots accounts begin with a single App which can be accessed by users within a particular permission role to view, create, or edit data within an Ubidots powered App.

  1. Admin person who creates and manages the Ubidots Account, its App(s), and its Organizations. 1 Admin possible per Ubidots Account.
  2. App(s) – single IoT solution containing dashboards, alerts, analytics, and organizations containing users with access permission in the form of a role.
  3. Organizations –  different tranches of Users who have access to the data provided by the App, and controlled by the Admin.  
  4. Roles – different authentication groups with designated permissions or restrictions to the tools, features, and data within an Ubidots App.
  5. Users – person(s) able to view an App's data and engage with Ubidots based on the particular Role that the users has been given.  

2. App Components and Features

Any App(s) in Ubidots may contains the following components and features:

  • Dashboards: display sensor data in in widgets for visualization and computation.
  • Alerts (or events): actions triggered when data readings fulfill or exceed a design rule. Alerts include SMS, Telegram, WebHook, or setting up a new variable. (e.g. send an alert when a device stops sending data). 
  • Analytics: mathematical, statistical, and serverless cloud functions to extract, transform, schedule, and analyze data.
  • Exporting: Ubidots let you export your data in CSV files
  • Sharing capabilities: Ubidots let you share via embedding URLs into a websites HTML.
  • User Management: An Administrator grants custom access and interaction capabilities for a given user.
  • Device Management: Ubidots' platform lets you control remotely your devices from the front end. E.g.: switches off/on your devices with a simple switch in a dashboard.

3. Who can Access an App? 

Ubidots powered Apps can be accessed by any Users that are created within an Ubidots account. Users to an Ubidots powered App can be granted access to nearly any capability with Ubidots platfrom. Any users access can be edited or managed in the Roles of your App's User Management.***

***in the coming months Ubidots will be deploying upgrades to the Users of Apps to enable Users to create end-users and for Apps to be deployed to users via mobile applications downloadable from Google's Playstore.***

4. White-label Branding an App

Within any Ubidots Admin account multiple Apps can be created and managed. By clicking the "Apps" tab in the main nav-bar of your Ubidots account, you'll find all live Apps in an Ubidots Admin Account. Each additional App deployed in Ubidots ($49/extra App) includes white-label branding and can be assigned different Organizations with underlying Roles and Users

  • White-label Branding - by clicking the "sprocket" icon you will be able to adjust the User Interface of your App, including the login portal, App colors, backgrounds, icons, favicons, and more.

5. When might I need a second App? 

One question we get a lot at Ubidots is when to purchase a second App vs. the free second Organization. Simply, if you wish to apply different, customized white-label branding experiences for end-users, then a Second App is required. For example, if you wish to deploy App 1 to your client ABC Hospital with their own branding and logos to monitor beds and then another client, XYZ Care, also wants a bed monitoring App, they too may have their own branding applied, only requiring the Ubidots Admin to create a second App. Alternatively, if your two clients simply wish to monitor beds and access their Dashboards, Devices, and Data via the same branded application under your Company's branding, this can easily be done with a single App and multiple Organizations.

If you would like to deploy a second App, please reach out to Ubidots and a member from our DevOps team will deploy your second application within 48 hours of the request. Please note a second application is accompanied by a $49/month fee. For any additional billing inquires, please see the Ubidots pricing.

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