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Plans & Billing: Understanding the Advantages of the Enterprise Plans
Plans & Billing: Understanding the Advantages of the Enterprise Plans
Learn more about what sets Ubidots’ Enterprise plans apart from the others through a list of its distinctive features.
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Ubidots Enterprise offers a range of tiers designed to help businesses scale their IoT deployments with flexibility, security, and confidence. With customizable capacity, advanced security features, and white-glove support, Ubidots Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their IoT operations.

In addition to all the features available in our Self-Service licenses, Ubidots Enterprise users also have access to additional tools and services, allowing them to take their IoT operations to the next level.

In this article, we'll explore the features that make Enterprise plans to stand out from the rest.

Table of contents

1. End customer management

(IoT Entrepreneur, Professional, Industrial)

Ubidots Enterprise

White-labeled status page:

Instead of relying on the public Ubidots Status Page, showcase your service's real-time performance metrics and system uptime while enhancing your brand image.


White-labeled API docs: Instead of relying on the public API Ubidots, provide your own documentation and decide what end-user endpoints to make available.


Multiple admin users:

Give your collaborators their own access profile, so they'll have full access level as the main account except for the Plans & Billing section.

Up to 10 in Industrial plans


Managing Organizations as an End User:

Allow your end-users directly manage the Organizations they belong to.
Learn more

White-labeled API

Implement your own main host and allow your end-users to interact with a custom ingestion API → e.g.,

White-labeled mobile app

Get a version of our mobile app with your own branding and style (quoted on demand).

(Available starting from Industrial)

2. SLA, support, and professional services

(IoT Entrepreneur, Professional, Industrial)

Ubidots Enterprise

On-call availability

Guaranteed uptime of 99,5% or 99,9%

Personalized application health-checks

Maximum response times

(Up to 24 hours)

Payment via purchase order

Payment via bank wire transfer

Professional Services (quoted on demand)

Assigned Technical Account Manager:

Highly knowledgeable and experienced professional who provides personalized guidance and support, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment.

Monthly follow-up meetings with your assigned Technical Account Manager

24x7 email & phone support (on demand)

3. Security

(IoT Entrepreneur, Professional, Industrial)

Ubidots Enterprise

2 Factor-authentication for end-user

SSO - Single sign-on (on demand):

Log into your Ubidots account with a SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) using the identity provider (IDP) of your choice.

Password Policy:

Define a comprehensive password policy that applies to your users in order to enhance the security of your App. Learn more.

Compliance certifications or audits

4. Integrations

(IoT Entrepreneur, Professional, Industrial)

Ubidots Enterprise

Google Tag Manager (HubSpot, Intercom, Cookie compliance)

5. Capacity

(IoT Entrepreneur, Professional, Industrial)

Ubidots Enterprise

Ingestion and extraction of up to 100 million dots

6. Available Enterprise add-ons (quoted on demand)

  • Private Cloud:

A dedicated Ubidots deployment, managed by our DevOps team, in the AWS data center of your choice. Ideal for enhanced performance, security, and compliance over our standard cloud offering.

  • Professional Services:

A dedicated Ubidots engineer, managed by our product team, working on purpose-built and PM-approved feature requests on top of the Ubidots platform. Ideal to accelerate the speed of deployment and meet your application's requirements.

  • Trainings:

One-to-one training sessions on IoT-related business, use cases, and trends.

Ideal to raise IoT awareness within the enterprise.

  • Private MQTT broker:

Ideal for enhanced control over data privacy and security over our standard offering.

7. Enterprise contact

If you're interested in exploring the full potential of Ubidots for your enterprise, quoting any larger project, or simply want to learn more about its advanced features, we invite you to connect with our experienced Sales team at

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