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Plans & Billing: Understanding the Advantages of the Industrial Plan
Plans & Billing: Understanding the Advantages of the Industrial Plan

Learn more about what sets Ubidots’ Industrial plan apart from the lower tiers.

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Ubidots offers four tiers of plans aimed at meeting the needs of every type of IoT solution, including prototyping. The Industrial plan is specifically designed for more advanced and mature solutions that require higher capacities and need to manage multiple clients and deployments.

1. End customer management

Multiple white-label apps:

Brand your end-user applications with your company’s look and feel.

Contact methods for end users:

Configure end users' contact information for Event's alerts, be it email, voice, or SMS. Learn more.

Tags for users:

Filter what your users can see and interact with in your app by matching tags between them and other entities such as dashboards. Learn more.

2. Data visualization

Dashboard filters:

Apply conditions to the devices' data displayed on your dashboard.

SCADA widget:

Mix the modern and rapidly advancing web technologies for analytics, visualization, user interfaces, and data storage with the traditional SCADA designs industrial users are already accustomed to.

Frequency Chart widget:

Analyze different types of phenomena based on the harmonics, magnitude, phase, bandwidth, etc. Learn more.

Heatmap Table widget:

Visualize and focus on the most relevant values based on the intensity of your data. Learn more.

Incidents widget:

Easily keep track of your triggered events from your dashboard. Learn more.

Custom UI widget:

Extend the way in which you can interact with Ubidots itself as well as with third-party services. Learn more.

Runtime widget:

Track how long your device has been active in a given period of time. Learn more.

React.js in the HTML Canvas widget:

Develop HTML Canvas widgets using React, the powerful JS library to build robust UIs based on components. Learn more.

3. Capacity

500 devices

Multiple organizations

(Up to 50)

200 end users

Ingestion and extraction of up to 50 million dots

4. Data management

Cloud functions:

Code and run your own cloud-functions using Node.js or Python, and invoke them over HTTP or MQTT. Learn more.

Scheduled reports:

Create CSV, XLS or PDF reports containing tables, charts or snapshots of existing widgets, and send them over email at scheduled times. Learn more.

Scheduled reports for end users:

Anomaly Detector plugin:

Automatically spot irregularities in time series data to reduce their impact on statistical analysis and the conclusions drawn from data. Learn more.

5. Events engine

Events with dynamic thresholds:

Trigger Events using another variable as a threshold (i.e., when a variable's value is greater than another variable).

Contact methods for end users:

Allow end users to configure a delivery method for Event's alerts, be it email, voice, or SMS.

Global Events:

Monitor hundreds of devices with a single Global Event.

6. Security

2 Factor-authentication for end user:

Increment your end-user App's security by implementing an extra layer of protection, beyond just a username and password. Learn more.

7. Contact us

If you're interested in exploring the full potential of Ubidots, quoting any larger project, or simply want to learn more about its advanced features, we invite you to connect with our experienced Sales team at

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