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UbiFunctions & Plugins: Supported libraries
UbiFunctions & Plugins: Supported libraries
A list of supported libraries for our UbiFunctions and Plugins' Node.js and Python runtimes
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Ubidots offers a serverless environment that allows you to code your own functions using Node.js or Python, be it for data decoding, analytics, or integration with 3rd party APIs. Use cases range from LoRaWAN integrations, managing Sigfox downlinks, to determining GPS coordinates using Google Geolocation API.

We are constantly updating our supported libraries as more and more IoT applications extend the use of our serverless engine. Check the links below to learn more about our supported libraries:

Supported libraries

Please note that all serverless containers will spin up a microserver with 128MB of RAM every time a function is invoked. If your application requires extra memory, please reach out to our support team.

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