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Plans & Billing: What is the difference between Ubidots and Ubidots STEM?
Plans & Billing: What is the difference between Ubidots and Ubidots STEM?

What to consider when choosing between an Ubidots commercial license and Ubidots STEM plan.

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Ubidots is a two-platform company — Ubidots and Ubidots STEM.

The STEM plan is a non-commercial license that supports our mission of making IoT more straightforward and accessible for everyone, and is used by thousands of students, researchers, and hobbyists around the world. Ubidots STEM is best applied to DIY projects and non-commercial uses.

PRO TIP: Ubidots STEM is the evolution of "Ubidots for Education" (, which is not maintained anymore, and has been shut down. If you had an Ubidots for Education account, we strongly encourage you to move your IoT project to Ubidots STEM.

On the other hand, projects aimed at commercial or industrial applications should use the advanced development tools and reliability of the core Ubidots platform, even in prototyping phases. For applications requiring more than 3 devices, the Ubidots platform is likely a better fit.

What are the differences between Ubidots and Ubidots STEM?  

As a free product, Ubidots STEM has limited features and capacity:

1) Ubidots STEM


  • Limited to non-commercial use ONLY (personal education, IoT research, or DIY projects).


  • Devices: 3 free devices.

  • Dashboards: 1 dashboard, with up to 10 widgets.

  • Variables: Up to 10 variables per device.

  • Plugins: Up to 1 plugin, with 10,000 plugin executions per month.

  • Data ingestion: 4,000 dots per day across all of your devices.

  • Data extraction: 500,000 dots per day across your account.

  • Data rate: 1 request per second, across all of your devices.

  • Data retention: 1 month.

  • SMS & voice calls: 10 SMS and 1 Voice call for free per month (US & Canada only), then standard rates apply.

  • Emails: 100 free emails per month, then standard rates apply.

  • Uptime:  No SLA — shared server resources across all STEM users. The speed and reliability is based on total platform requests at any given second.

  • Support: Community-based, or self-service using our Help Center and API Docs.


  • Static and dynamic dashboards.

  • HTTP, MQTT, TCP and UDP protocols.

  • SMS, voice call, email, webhook, and Slack alerts. Telegram messages are not supported.

NOTE: Telegram limits the number of outbound messages per minute, this feature is reserved for our business users only, which allows us to better monitor and preserve the quality of service.

  • Synthetic variables computation (math functions only - data range and advanced functions are not supported).

If you are an educational institution or non-profit, please note that many of your fellow organizations choose to upgrade to Ubidots commercial licenses seeking one or many of the following:

  • Longer data retention.

  • Enable a white-labeled portal for students or researchers to access private accounts.

  • Ability to run advanced synthetic variables.

  • Reliability and/or support.

2) Ubidots


  • Maintenance professionals looking to gather IoT data from machines, in order to reduce downtime and improve overall efficiency.

  • OEMs and system integrators looking to accelerate time-to-market of their or their customers' IoT initiatives, without having to hire a software team to develop entire IoT applications.


  • Devices: From 1 to thousands of devices (varies per plan).

  • Variables: Up to 20 variables per device (this is a soft limit. After 20 variables, a device is billed as 2 or more devices).

  • Data Ingestion: Starting at 15 million dots per month (varies per plan).

  • Data Extraction: Starting at 15 million dots per month (varies per plan).

  • API Rate limits: 4 requests per second per token (learn more).

  • Data Retention: Starting at 6 months (varies per plan).

  • Dashboards: Unlimited dashboards and widgets.

  • Uptime: Best-effort uptime included. SLA plans available in Enterprise plans.

  • Support: Best-effort support. Dedicated support plans available in Enterprise plans.


 ALL features in the STEM license, plus:

  • Multiple dashboards.

  • App Management: Create multiple apps, each one with a custom domain, logo, and colors.

  • IoT App Builder: Create custom widgets using your own HTML/JS and deploy them across multiple dashboards.

  • Device Management: Create organizations within apps, each one with its own devices, users, dashboards, and events.

  • User Management: Create users and deploy your App with different permissions and access capabilities so users can see only what they require.

  • Ubidots Analytics Tools: Run serverless functions or create your own API to decode or encode data frames using UbiFunctions. Compute math and statistical expressions directly on Ubidots with Synthetic Variables.

  • Create your own API Endpoints to access 3rd party data, APIs, and tools using HTTPS requests.

  • Complex Events Engine: Trigger business logic and events with complex conditional events in Ubidots (trigger SMS, emails, Telegram and Slack messages, voice calls, and more).

  • Use Ubidots Device Types to configure device properties, appearance, and variables to automate the onboarding of thousands of devices.

Every Ubidots account has a lead "administrator" who manages the IoT application(s). Each IoT application can have multiple organizations assigned; each organization can then have its own set of users and devices assigned to optimize the application's functionality.

Please contact our Sales Team with questions about Ubidots pricing, setting up custom protocols, and anything relating your IoT application's solution.

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