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Plans & Billing: Ubidots Pricing
Plans & Billing: Ubidots Pricing

Pricing guide for solutions powered by Ubidots and Ubidots STEM

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Ubidots as an organization provides the following environments:

IMPORTANT NOTE: For billing purposes, each device can have up to 20 variables. This doesn't mean there's a hard stop at 20 variables; a device may have 21, 30...100 variables, but it would be billed as more than one device (in our example, 2, 3 or 5 devices would be billed).

  • Ubidots STEM platform which is a shared resources sub-platform, designed to explore solution development at no cost, or near no cost. Ubidots STEM is limited to non-commercial projects and includes 3 devices for free. Users may add balance to an Ubidots STEM, in order to unlock extra capacity such as triggering SMS or voice call notifications. For more details about the differences between Ubidots and Ubidots STEM, check out this article.

Custom Development

Ubidots core platform can get the greater majority of applications all the way to completion. But if you are looking for a custom feature, functionality, view, or widget, the Ubidots Development team is available and able to assist you in completing your application's development.

For custom development or application inquiries as they relate to your application's needs, please email or visit our In-app chat channel during standard business hours and an Ubidots representative will assist as quickly as possible.

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