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IoT Projects Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials to create IoT projects powered by Ubidots

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Connect the iSpindel Low-Cost DIY Hydrometer with Ubidots
Add Devices to Groups using Google Sheets
Blues Application Accelerators With Ubidots: Quickly Deploy Full-Scale Solutions
Control servo motors remotely using XinaBox xChip OC05 (PCA9685) and CW02 (ESP32), connected to ubidots over MQTT
Control a Stepper Motor remotely using Xinabox xChip OC06(PCA9554A DRV8825) and CW02(ESP32) using Ubidots over MQTT
Live video stream monitoring using ESP32-CAM and Ubidots
Control up to eight servo motors remotely using XinaBox xChips OC05 (Servo Driver) and CW01 (Wi-Fi Core), connected to Ubidots over HTTP
Control a Stepper Motor remotely using XinaBox xChips OC06, CW01 and Ubidots over HTTP
Control any low-voltage device remotely using XinaBox xChip OC03 (PCA9554A) and CW01 (ESP8266) using to Ubidots over HTTP
Build a Weather Station using XinaBox, connected to Ubidots over MQTT
Build an Industrial Volume & Presence Reader with MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensor + ESP32
Green House Monitoring System with Intelligent Alarm
Control a LED Remotely & Monitor Temperature values with a Raspberry Pi using Node-RED
Home Automation with Google Assistant and Ubidots
People Counting Systems with OpenCV, Python, and Ubidots
Connect the TILT™ Hydrometer with Ubidots
How to build a Motion Detection System with Arduino
Build an Energy Monitor device using a Particle Electron and Ubidots
DIY Sigfox GPS asset tracking with Ubidots
DIY Raspberry Pi Temperature System with Ubidots
Test your internet speed using a Raspberry Pi + Ubidots
How to build an IoT application in under a day
[Particle+Ubidots] Do you know how your plants are feeling?
Build a Tank Volume Reader in Under $30 using ESP32
Create a digital Piano with Ubidots and a NodeMcu
Firmware upgrade for the Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi Shield
Using Scatter Plots and Derived Variables to Compute and Display Complex Math Functions
Linkit One Firmware Update
Push data to a chipKIT Board with an LED Matrix
A Solar-Powered Water Monitoring System
Zolertia Tutorial: Weather Station over 6LoWPAN/IPv6 using Ubidots
Control Your Electrical Appliances Remotely using MQTT and Ubidots for $9
How to Export your Ubidots data to Google Sheets
Logging sensor data using Intel Edison and Python
Light Control with NodeMcu and Ubidots
Build a People Counter for $30 Using an ESP8266 and NodeMCU
Set up a water temperature monitor using Spark Core and Ubidots
IoT Interfaces Made Simple With Nextion, Raspberry Pi and Ubidots
Control Your Electrical Appliances using SONOFF Dual and Ubidots
Build a presence detector with Spark Core
DIY Smart fan to beat the heat using Ubidots and Electric imp
Temperature Control with Ubidots MQTT and NodeMcu
Water your plants remotely using a Raspberry Pi, PiFace, and Ubidots
Building a Cross-Platform System Monitor with Ubidots
Use Electric Imp to measure Human Thermal Comfort with Ubidots
How to build a parking sensor to solve the pain of finding a free spot
Control an LED remotely with an Arduino and Ubidots
SONOFF Tutorial: A Wi-Fi Room Temperature Controller for $10
How to monitor your Internet connection using OpenWrt and Ubidots
Program the ESP8266 with the Arduino IDE in 3 simple steps
Hands on the AirPi Kit v1.4, a weather station using Raspberry Pi
Logging Temperature and Humidity with Spark Core and Ubidots
Create a Digital Time Stamp Application
SONOFF Tutorial: A Wi-Fi Smart Switch for $5
Setup WiFi on Raspberry Pi using Wicd
Connect an Electric Imp Env Tails to Ubidots over HTTP
Building a People Counter with Raspberry Pi and Ubidots
Connect an Android-powered GPS fleet tracker to Ubidots
Create your own application using Glide + Ubidots