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Create your own application using Glide + Ubidots
Create your own application using Glide + Ubidots

Create an application or website for your clients with the power of Glide apps and Ubidots API.

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Glide Apps is a tool for creating apps and websites from Google Sheets, Excel, or Airtable. In this guide you will learn how to build an app for your clients or coworkers using Ubidots API and Glide apps from Google sheets.


Table of contents

1. Connect your data

Step 1: create an Apps Script in Google sheets that brings the data you want to show or interact with, using Ubidots API.

Step 2: go to Glide Apps and create a new mobile project.

Step 3: select Google Sheet

Step 4: select the sheet where your script was build.

2. Customize your app

Customize how your data is displayed, then tweak styles and layouts.

Step 1: in your Glide App project go to the mobile icon and link your data sheet with the view your are looking to display, such as a list, table, or text.

Step 2: edit the style of the element until you are happy with your selection.

Step 3: add as many tabs as you need for navigation.

Step 4: configure actions when clicking buttons or elements in your tab to create interaction by viewing or editing data.

Step 5: go to the apps settings, select a name, icon a theme color for your app.

Step 6: go to Sign In Screen a select the loader logo and the background image.

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3. Share your app with a link

Publish your app to the web and share the link with your clients or coworkers.

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