Control widgets such the Switch or Slider allows easy remote device control right from Ubidots Dashboards.

The Control widget lets users manage devices remotely using Ubidots. The 2 available control widgets in Ubidots application builder are "Switch" and "Slider":

The "Switch" widget is a simple on/off function that remotely controls a device using variable settings of "1" or "0". For example, you have connected a device to your garage door. By setting a variable to "1" a user can open the garage door. Conversely a "0" command will close the door.

The "Slider" widget lets users control devices remotely in a range of values assigned. The creation of the slider widget is the same as the gauge widget. 

The following video provides additional steps-by-step instructions to creating your first control widget. 

Now that you have the idea how the Control Widgets works, check one out in action. This video and device are presented and powered by Verse Technology, creators of the GOBLIN 2.

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