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Plans & Billing: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Plans & Billing: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some up-front questions and answers when beginning your application's development with Ubidots

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Ubidots is an IoT Application Development platform to rapidly assemble and deploy IoT applications with ease. Our pricing is designed to save you the cost and time of paying for external development hours, having you to have your own, custom-made IoT platform from day one.

How to become an Ubidots Customer?

We offer a free 30-day trial. The default feature set of the trial is similar to what you'd find in our Industrial plan, but with some limitations such as the amount of free SMS you can send during the trial period.

You can upgrade to any of our paid plans during or after the trial period; just select the desired plan and enter a valid credit card in the billing section or pay with PayPal.

If you're interested in our Enterprise plan, please reach out to

I need additional help from Ubidots Support Team, what do I do?

If your application requires additional support beyond the resources of Ubidots API docs, Dev Center, Help Center, IoT Bot, and Forums, the Ubidots Support Team is here to help!
To take advantage of Ubidots Support Team, you need only become an Ubidots Customer, or have any other Ubidots plan in good standing. Additional details to Ubidots Support Standards and Resources can be found here.

How much does an Ubidots plan cost?

Ubidots plans, as well as their associated fees and overages, are described in our Pricing page.

How will I be billed?

Ubidots bills within the first 3 days of the month and in ARREARS, meaning all billing is processed in the first three days of the month for services rendered in the previous month. For example, on January 2nd a user might be billed or invoiced for services rendered Dec. 1 to Dec 31st. 

NOTE: When you first upgrade your plan, the monthly price of the plan will be deducted in advance from your payment method.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

Payment for invoices issued in any given month must be received by Ubidots within 20 days after the date of the invoice, or the Online Services may be terminated or suspended as soon as one day after the date due as indicated on the invoice. Unpaid invoices are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month on any outstanding balance, or the maximum permitted by law, whichever is lower, plus all expenses of collection.

I would like to upgrade my plan - how do I do so?

To upgrade a license from one plan to the next, simply access the billing section of your account and select to the appropriate subscription size to fit your business' needs.

Does Ubidots offer discounts?

Ubidots may offer discounts in any these cases:

  • For plans paid annually

  • For academic institutions

Other than this, Ubidots does not offer or engage in further discount pricing. If your project has extenuating circumstances, please submit a detailed discount request to where it will reviewed on a per-request basis. 

I need custom development - who do I talk to?

Professional Services can only be offered to our Enterprise clients. As an Enterprise client, you may request a custom development by sending your requirements to Our team will analyze the viability of your requests and get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom developments may fall into one of these categories. Ordered from the least complex to the more complex and resource-intensive:

Custom development type


Available to

Bug fixes

Fixes of minor issues that may arise during product updates, and heavily impact a client's operation.

All plans


Development of Python or NodeJS scripts for integrations, data extraction, transformation, or analytics.

Enterprise clients only*

HTML Canvas

Development of custom widgets using our HTML Canvas feature.

Enterprise clients only*

Native widgets

Feature additions to existing native widgets, or development of entirely new ones.

Enterprise clients only*

API endpoints

Feature additions to existing API endpoints, or development of entirely new ones.

Enterprise clients only*

Frontend changes

Changes to our native frontend components.

Enterprise clients only*

Firmware development

Development and support of custom firmware for embedded devices.


Ubidots does not typically engage in firmware development or maintenance**

Entire web or mobile apps

Development of a custom web frontend or mobile app, that talks to Ubidots.


Ubidots does not typically engage in standalone web or mobile app developments**

*If you are an Industrial client in need of a development, please send an email to explaining why this custom development is key to your project growth.

*If you are an Enterprise client in need of a stand-alone web or mobile app that talks to Ubidots, please send an email to with further details and we'll help find an alternative, either in-house using a low-code development platform (i.e. Glide, AppSmith, or Bubble), or through a development partner.

I have a problem with my bill, who do I contact?

You have 30 days after receiving the invoice to dispute any charges to Agreed-upon changes to a past invoice will be reflected in the next applicable invoice to you or credited back on appropriate and mutually accommodating terms.

I would like to suspend or cancel my account

By default, you may terminate your subscription any time, see How to cancel or suspend my account.

If a custom SaaS agreement or contract is in place, then it will supersede our standard Terms and Services.

Ubidots may terminate your subscription to the Online Services at any time without cause upon 30 days’ written notice to You, or automatically if you fail to comply with any term or condition provided within this article or elsewhere in Ubidots Terms and Services.

How many Variables can I have in each Device for Ubidots?

Ubidots devices are all a calculation of 20 Variables per device. Ubidots licenses are priced based on the number of devices active on the platform. Sometime applications call for a single device to have as many as 50-100 variables and therefore each device in Ubidots is a multiple of 20.

1-20 Variables per Device = 1 Device
21-40 Variables per Device = 2 Devices
41-60 Variables per Device = 3 Devices
61-80 Variables per Device = 4 Devices
81-100 Variables per Device = 5 Devices

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