Ubidots is a two platform company - Ubidots and Ubidots for Education. The standard for Education license is a non-commercial license that supports our mission of making IoT easier and more accessible for everyone. Used by thousands of students, researchers, and hobbyists around the world, Ubidots for Education is best applied to DIY projects and non-commercial uses and accessed via the access URL app.ubidots.com.

If your project is aimed at a commercial application, then the expansive Ubidots is likely the better fit and is accessed via the URL: industrial.ubidots.com 

What are the differences between Ubidots and Ubidots for Education?  

Ubidots for Education


  • Shared sever and computational resources across all Educational platform users. Speed and reliability based on total platform requests at any given second.
  • Non-commercial use ONLY (personal education, IoT research, or DIY projects)
  • Recommend for up to 5 devices
  • 3 rolling months of storage and retention
  • Up to 60 dots per minute for all of the variables in your devices network.
  • Self-service support with Ubidots' Help Center or Community.
  • Free 5,000 credits to kick off your projects. Then you can purchase or earn more free credits.

Features included

  • First device Free (up to 10 variables)
  • Multiple dashboards for visualization
  • Maximum 10 widgets per dashboard
  • REST API and MQTT Support
  • SMS, Email, WebHook & Telegram Alerts
  • Derived variables computation (create variables using math expressions)
  • Rolling window variables computation (create statistical operations like daily average, max value per month, etc.)

If you are an education institutions or non-profit, please note than many of your fellow organizations choose to upgrade to Ubidots seeking longer data retention, private customization, and user management features. "Ubidots for Education" is an ideal for future IoT growth and not a designation of a user's affiliation with any groups or organizations.


Ubidots licenses allow system integrators, OEM's, and industrial IoT providers to create and deploy IoT applications and solutions quickly and with minimal architectural design efforts. With Ubidots an Administrator can offer customized IoT portals for end-customers, develop IoT applications with greater reliability and support from Ubidots, and monitor an entire IoT deployment from one hub.


  • No use restriction (can be used for both commercial or research projects)
  • From 1 to thousands of devices (varies per plan)
  • 2 rolling years of storage and retention
  • Email, In-app Chat and Phone support plans available
  • Dedicated data highways per account for server and computation requests
  • 99.9% SLA or more


 ALL features in the Educational license, plus:

  • App Management: Create multiple apps, each one with a custom domain, logo, colors, and custom pages.
  • IoT App Builder: Create custom widgets using your own HTML/JS, but is not yet available to be configured as an entire page.
  • Device Management: Create organizations within apps, each one with it's own devices, users, dashboards, and events.
  • User Management: Create users with different permissions and access capabilities.

Here is an infographic to better understand the architecture of Ubidots. Every Ubidots account has a lead "Administrator" who manages the IoT application(s). Each IoT application has be assigned multiple organizations. Each organization can then be assigned it's own set of users and devices to optimize the application's functionality in a business' hierarchy.

Please contact our Sales Team with questions about Ubidots pricing, your cloud and IoT application solutions, or additional resources. 

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