Ubidots is proud to provide users with platforms to create, develop, and deploy their IoT solutions. The typical client experience begins with the Educational License to prototype their projects and see what Ubidots is all about, and then he/she migrates to Ubidots for Business once a solution has been refined or in need of more robust functionality. 

Using Ubidots' Education Licenses and credits, users can create IoT applications and explore deployment at no cost or near no cost. Once a solution is determined and a proof of concept (PoC) or deployment is needed, Ubidots for Business is available to deploy your connected solution. With additional features, great reliability, and prompt support, Ubidots for Business powers applications from 3 devices to excess of 7,500 devices. For more specific details to the differences of Educational vs. Business License, check out Ubidots' help center.

Ubidots for Business is a great way to launch an IoT application in any vertical. As Ubidots asserts its intention to support users from production to deployment, we believe in flexible pricing to best fit a mutual benefit between Ubidots and the customer. As different business models exists, so too are the capabilities of Ubidots' pricing. Beginning with the $20 per month Developer License, businesses and developers alike can begin their innovation with very low entry cost-of-entry using Ubidots. 

Click here for Ubidots for Business Pricing Model

To receive a custom quote for your IoT application, please contact Ubidots Sales to discuss your plans and a quote will be provided promptly. 

Custom Development

Ubidots core platform can get the greater majority of applications all the way to completion. But if you are looking for a custom feature, functionality, view, or widget Ubidots Development team is available and able to assist you in completing your application's development.

For custom development or application inquires as they relate to your application's needs, please email sales@ubidots.com or visit our In-app chat channel during standard business hours and an Ubidots representative will assist as quickly as possible.

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