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Developer Guides
Developer Guides

Code examples and resources for developers to interact with our API

Ubidots MQTT Broker
Events: Downlink messages with Helium and Ubidots
Integrate your TTN data with Ubidots – Simple Setup
UbiFunctions & Plugins: Supported libraries
How to set up your NCD Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor to stream raw acceleration data to Ubidots
Device Types: Export your devices to a CSV file, each with its own Device Token
Using OAuth 2.0 as the Authorization Protocol of your Application
Integrate SIGNL4 to Ubidots using WebHooks calls
Import Data to Ubidots from Google Sheets
Security: Managing Device Tokens
UbiFunctions: Integrate TeCrea SigFox-ready Ibuttons with Ubidots
UbiFunctions: Manage Downlink messages with Sigfox and Ubidots
UbiFunctions: Manage Uplink messages from the Sigfox Backend to Ubidots
Plugins: Connect external apps and services to Ubidots
Configure a Multitech Conduit Gateway to forward data to The Things Network (TTN)
UbiFunctions: Integrate data from the Sensoterra Platform to Ubidots
UbiFunctions: Integrate Google's Geolocation API with Ubidots
Device Properties
Use UbiFunction to ingest sensor data using HTTP GET requests
Organizational Tokens: Creating Tokens for a specific Organization
UbiFunctions: Process/Parse data from 3rd party platforms
Connect Node-RED with Ubidots
MATLAB with Ubidots
HTML Canvas Widget: Adding real time using Socket.IO
MQTT, Finite State Machines and Ubidots (part I)
Integrate your TTN data with Ubidots – Manual UbiFunction Setup
UbiFunctions: Integrate data from the MachineQ platform to Ubidots
Connect an AmbientWeather Thermo-Hygrometer (WS-0262A) to Ubidots
Security: Connect to Ubidots MQTT broker with TLS Security
Sigfox Geolocation Service + Ubidots
Connecting Azure IoT Hub with Ubidots. Part II: Sending data from Ubidots to IoT Hub
Top 3 online tools to simulate an MQTT client
Connecting Azure IoT with Ubidots (Part I)[DEPRECATED]
Top 3 online tools to simulate HTTP requests
Sending TCP/UDP packets using Netcat
Create an HTML Canvas Widget: Introductory Demo
Choosing the Right Protocol to Send Data to Remote Devices
HTML Canvas Widget: Examples
LabVIEW and Ubidots Example
Send/Retrieve data from Ubidots over TCP or UDP
Track the International Space Station with Ubidots and Python
API Authentication
Simulate data in Ubidots using Python
Plugins: TCP Gateway
Adding real time using MQTT + Websockets