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Plans & Billing: Am I billed for inactive devices?
Plans & Billing: Am I billed for inactive devices?

Learn how a "non-billable" device is defined

Written by Sergio M
Updated over a week ago

In our latest plans, inactive devices won't count towards your monthly bill.  If you became an Ubidots customer prior to May 2020, this feature is might not available in your plan. Please reach out to your one of our representatives to have it enabled. 

When is a device considered inactive?

As your account's usage is computed every day at night, your devices will be considered as "inactive" or "non-billable" if:

  • The device didn't receive any data that day


  • The device is not assigned to an active organization (or assigned to an inactive organization).

Here's a visual representation of this criteria:

At the end of the month, our system will average the daily devices, arriving to a monthly device count

Here's an example of an IoT project where 1,000 devices had been provisioned from day one, but deployment only began until the 16th day of the month. In this case, only 350 devices would be billed, instead of 1,000:

You can verify the billed devices in the Usage section in your account's Profile.

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