Ubidots allows system integrators, OEM's, and industrial IoT providers to offer their own IoT portal to end-customers. Without the need of an internal software team, Administrators are able to offer custom access portals to their end-customers or employees. Along the way when you need your data most, Ubidots reports are available and able to be scheduled for regular receipt. In some cases, preventing product losses with a simple but regular update via your email inbox.

Ubidots Reports Sample

Creating Ubidots Reports

To create a report, go to Reports tab and press on "Create report" in the top right of your display.

Create and customize your reports as needed:

1.- Assign parameters to create a report:

  • Name: Desired name for a report
  • Timezone: In which timezone do you desire your report to be generated
  • Data Time: Time frame of the data you wish to display
  • Report format: In which format do you desire your deport?

NOTE: Excel - (XLSX) format will generated just tables

2. Build the structure of a report with Headers and Charts:

  • Add Header: Let you assign headers to your reports to differentiate the tables and charts below; You can set the size (small, medium, large) to your desired preference.
  • Add Chart: Assign tables, charts, and widgets to your reports by device and variable.

Note: you can also send computations of your data for in report calculations:

Type: visualize your data in Table, Chart, Chart and Table, or Widget form. (see below for examples)

With Ubidots reports you can mix and match as needed. You build the report to your liking; select the same device and variable with different computations or select multiple devices with differing variables. You have the control.

  • Table: generates a sheet with device and variable data.
  • Chart: generates a graph with device and variable data.
  • Chart and Table: generates a table and graph device and variable data
  • Widget: generates the behavior of the Widget based on device and its variable data

Sending and Scheduling Reports
3. This feature will determines who and how regular a report will be sent.

To finish, press "Save report":

With a report scheduled, and found in the Report section of your application. Following the previous configurations described within this article, a report will be sent to the email of "maria@ubidots.com" every "day" at "11:59 AM", reporting the "last 7 days" of data of the devices selected. To the the right side of each report within your list you can duplicate, modify, delete, or build a report. Each described below.


  • Duplicate

This option let duplicate the report selected into a new copy. Press "Duplicate" to generated the new copy report:

  • Edit

This option let you edit the report selected. Press "Edit" to modify report parameters:

  • Delete

This option will delete the report selected, please be careful with this option because when the reports is deleted it cannot be recovered. 

  • Build - This option will build the report selected "from" a specified data "to" another in an instants notice. Build the report and its recipient will receive an email once all data has been compiled.

NOTE: You can attach the a company's logo for custom branding when needed.

Starting with Ubidots

This feature is available just under our license. Please contact our Sales Team if you have any questions about Ubidots licenses and prices for your IoT or cloud solution.

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