Once your firmware and IoT Device designs are working as expected, you may want to look for an effective way to share your Devices' information with a third party, such as your assembly or manufacturing provider. 

As an example, imagine you need to assemble 500 new smart buttons for a food supply company, each one to be delivered to a different restaurant so they can place orders at the push of a button. After configuring these devices in Bulk, you might want to send the following information to the device manufacturing team:

  • Restaurant Name: To be printed in the enclosure.

  • Restaurant Address: To be printed in the device enclosure.

  • Device Label: To be printed in the enclosure as "Device ID".

  • Device Token: To be coded in the Device firmware.

Here's a graphical representation of how this would look like:

To download devices associated to a specific Device Type, simply click on the desired Device Type, then either click on "Export information from all devices" or select the devices you wish to download, then click on the "Export devices" button:

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